Meth Teeth/Mazes/Male Bonding split cassette

Image of Meth Teeth/Mazes/Male Bonding split cassette



The first cassette from the Split Tapes stable is a 3 way split from Meth Teeth, Mazes and Male Bonding. Side A features America's Meth Teeth, with a UK release of their 'Indian Spirits' EP which dropped last year in all its fuzzed out, noisy glory. Side B is taken up firstly by the UK's Mazes, who's brand new 10 minute jam recorded earlier this year showcases the band at their tuneful lo-fi best. The cassette also runs with a new track from recent Sub Pop signings Male Bonding. Limited to 150 copies.

Tracklisting, for the interested:

1) Meth Teeth - Failures Selected By God
2) Meth Teeth - I Was Wrong
3) Meth Teeth - My Hearts Heart
4) Meth Teeth - Thousand Regrets

1) Mazes - Extended 10 minute jam
2) Male Bonding - Dino